Adult learning

We aim to develop all learners and progress them on to employment, apprenticeship placements or further education. Ultimately our aim is to help our candidates gain the skills and qualifications required to find and maintain sustainable employment. 

We are proud to offer adult qualifications in a range of subjects, with blended, hybrid and flexible online and virtual teaching using our learning platform. Our Virtual Classroom works for adult learners learning new qualifications in one-to-one sessions, timetabled sessions or independently whilst accessing support. We offer 19-year-olds and older qualifications in a range of qualifications or Functional Skills in English and Maths.

EDLounge enables live teaching and learning to be delivered to improve learners and their standards in vocational subjects and qualifications.

EDLounge has been used to upskill over 400 adult learners using a blended approach of classroom and online delivery. In 2019 as it was used as part of the UK Government's Flexible Learning Fund Initiative as an introduction to the National Retraining Scheme.

One of the key elements of the EDLounge system is its flexibility for learners. In our experience of working with training providers and businesses, we have found that the key factor affecting learners is time. For example, learners, studying alongside other commitments (such as work or child care) cannot be tied to the time constraints of the traditional classroom.

The learning environment provides the learner with access to the learning content, along with online tutors/assessors from anywhere at any time, all they need is an internet connection