About Us

EDLounge has a prestigious background in digital and creativity delivery via bespoke education technologies that are blended and flexible.

Our Aims

EDLounge aims to:  

  • Be an outstanding apprenticeship and work-based learning provider that delivers high-quality educational learning and training.
  • Provide blended and flexible training that has the learner and employer at the centre of everything we do.
  • Create a digital and innovative curriculum that works in partnership with our employers, clients, learners and staff to help enhance their skills, knowledge and performance.
  • Utilise digital technology to interact, learn, focus, and progress all apprentices.
  • Offer training and work-based skills and behaviours that are business, local and nationally critically needed to upskill staff and train new staff.  

Our Objectives

We will achieve this by:

  • Delivering excellent teaching and learning to create a sector specific curriculum.
  • Enabling our customers to access flexible, digital and enhanced learning resources for teaching, delivery, quality assurance and management.
  • Continually meet our customers' training and work-based learning requirements.
  • Providing high-quality technical and learning opportunities for our customers, staff and associates.
  • Offer hybrid and personalised learning for each learner that are tailored to their specific needs.
  • Up skill and train all staff and employees and address requirements on and off the job with flexible learning support and within work patterns.
  • Growing our local provision to match the skill requirements within our local area and the Sheffield City region.
  • To extend the current portfolio of national contracts to regional Hubs.
  • Using technology to break down barriers to learning for all learners with good intent via our curriculum and delivery of quality training.
  • Collaborate with local businesses that want to use our digital tech to enhance delivery, efficiency and growth through giving value added and additional wider skills and quals for the apprentices and employers.

We have made it a conscious and strategic decision which is that to further make a positive contribution to adult learning, work based development and life opportunities in a post pandemic Britain our provision has to be learner centred, employer focused, business critical and digitally led by us.

You can read the full Ofsted report here

About us and our history 

EDLounge Ltd is based in Dinnington near Sheffield, became a Registered Apprenticeship and Work Based learning Training Provider. EDLounge is Proudly listed with the Register of Training Organisations and Registered Apprenticeship Training Provider (ROATP).

EDLounge became a provider of training and education in 2012, as an accredited centre of the awarding body Edexcel.  

The focus and aim from the very beginning was to be an online flexible learning provider. Whilst delivering courses directly and delivering over 3,000 qualifications, EDLounge has seen considerable growth in its; online business, capabilities and product development. EDLounge has delivered successful programmes for adults who have encountered difficulties in their past education as part of a pre-employment programme as well as delivering work-related qualifications.

In 2017 EDLounge was accepted onto the Register of Training Organisations (ROTO) which provided the opportunity to become involved in delivering government funded learning programmes using the EDLounge experience of blended and online learning. 

In May 2017 we qualified to become a Registered Apprenticeship Training Provider (ROATP).

In 2018, EDLounge became 1 of 32 Training Providers across the UK chosen to become a Prime Funder and provider, delivering online/blended education through the Flexible Learning Fund (FLF) Pilot project, which was launched that year. The objective of the FLF Pilot was to develop flexible and accessible methods of teaching delivery for adults, through a combination of traditional classroom teaching, along with online distance learning. This would create a flexible learning experience, with learners provided access to 24/7 learning. 

Ofsted completed a monitoring visit of EDLounge Group Ltd in July 2019.The monitoring visit looked closely at our leadership team and recruitment, our commitment to meeting the needs of vulnerable adults, our commitment to developing learners' skills, our stringent safeguarding of young people and our high-quality specialist training. You can read the full Ofsted report here. Or view inserts below.

All our qualifications meet the skills, behaviours, attitudes and standards required by awarding bodies. 

In September 2020 we began our Apprenticeship and Work Based Learning journey via a unique blended approached developed off the feedback given from the Ofsted Monitoring provision.  

In March 2021 EDLounge offers a broad curriculum which meets the needs of apprentices and employers. Offering standard-based apprenticeships from levels 2 to 7, these areas are: Accountancy, Broadcast and Media, Business Administration, Customer Service Practitioner, Digital Marketer, Learning and Skills Teacher, Rail Engineering Operative, Software Developer/Tester and Team Leader supervisor apprenticeships.

All our qualifications meet the skills, behaviours, attitudes and standards required by awarding bodies.