Evidence and Assessment

Evidence gathering for apprentices using our eportfolio and assessment platform is very easy. Each learner has access to their own bespoke platform. Within this they have access to multiple elements, including their evidence, competencies and coursework section which can be uploaded by a learner instantly.

Every individual learning objective is broken down per standard and qualification which gives the learner the opportunity to say whether they have met the objective through their e-learning, which helps track tutor performance. Throughout their learner journey, a learner has the opportunity to add their own comments about the work they submit, which gives them a voice. 

When uploading evidence, we have built in the ability to cross-reference, which enables the learner to tag their piece of work to multiple learning objectives, across any topic. 

All submissions are tracked instantly. An assessor, internal or/external quality assurer can easily access the learners work. Any feedback the learner gave from uploading their work is visible and manageable. 

All submissions can be downloaded through the click of a button, for an assessor to take away and review.

The summary page tracks all learners per cohort or qualification, giving whoever is looking a clear view of where each learner is at, permitting effective tracking and monitoring.