Functional Skills Courses

Functional Skill at level 2 is a nationally recognised qualification and is the equivalent of a GCSE which you may need to access for additional courses, higher education or to get that dream job, or to prove that you have a level of literacy and numeracy for employment. With EDLounge our online functional skill courses can help you learn in your own time with a qualified teacher and allow you to progress.

Our platform has an extensive range of E-Learning content to enhance the delivery of Functional skills which allows you any individual a targeted literacy and numeracy pathway that enables you to work towards English & Maths Functional Skills at any level. With us you can 

  • get get started straight away on your English and Maths
  • sit your initial assessment online to personalise your learning.
  • start your learning instantly.
  • work at your own pace, 
  • log on in your own time
  • get help from our tutors anytime. 
  • practice using our mock exams.
  • apply to do your exam with us
  • sit your functional skills exams securely online.
  • get qualified in any level that you require

Functional Skill learning, teaching and resource platform can be personalised for any type of learner following a functional skills pathway. The Functional Skills elements within our platform is an integral part in helping any individual in their learning of English and Maths which includes an initial assessment stage and diagnostic assessments to demonstrate the level they are currently working at.

Using our Functional Skill platform, learners can access content at any time, and develop their knowledge and understanding to improve their literacy, numeracy and digital skills. The platform is an effective tool to provide:

  • A comprehensive range of lessons that address language, literature, numeracy and digital skills for different levels
  • Personalised numeracy, literacy and ICT pathways that are mapped to the Functional skills specifications
  • A platform that learners can use in their own time 
  • Tracking and monitoring, so you can view and evaluate progress
  • Puzzles and quizzes to develop learners’ numeracy, literacy and digital skills
  • Interactive e-learning content, allowing learners to study key Maths and English topics at their own pace
  • A positive, motivational learning environment which encourages learners to learn independently
  • Targeted learning pathways that help develop your learners’ knowledge and understanding (which correspond to your internal assessment strategies)
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