Education for EAL and ESOL learners is increasingly placing student wellbeing and inclusivity at the core of their English speaking, reading, writing, communicating and listening development.

We at EDLounge offer the facility to offer:

  • a systematic and unqiue approach for each learner
  • improved learning outcomes for all children
  • increased engagement in learning
  • a personalised pathway for each learner
  • self paced content
  • editable content
  • lessons regardless of ability
  • sound and ereader on every lesson (so that everything is read out loud for each learner)
  • ebooks for learners
  • online support and access to tutors with specific languages to help and assist

At EDLounge we strive to contribute to these goals and work in partnership with schools, families and those learners with EAL / ESOL to access and engage with ongoing learning to enhance their learning and break down barriers.

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