English Functional Skills

Our on demand Functional Skills and literacy resources are perfect for:

  • Learners and apprentices struggling to grasp the basic rules of literacy, spelling and grammar
  • Adult learners of all abilities
  • Catch up programmes
  • Learners with English as a second language 
  • Homework, literacy and numeracy clubs
  • Learners with low confidence
  • One to one sessions
  • Personalised learning for English skills

Within our English Functional Skill platform, we are able to deliver Reading, Spelling, punctuation and grammar, and Writing composition through Entry Level 1, Entry Level 2, Entry Level 2, Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2. 

Learners can access our English Functional Skill platform anywhere and at any time to develop their knowledge and understanding in a range of subjects and improve their literacy skills. Our English Functional Skill platform aims to develop your learners’ literacy skills, taking into account their current literacy levels, so you can target areas an individual learner needs to develop. From basic spelling to forming complex sentences, your learners are able to develop their skills at a pace that suits them.

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Here is a snippet of the statements from our Ofsted report regarding the excellent resources and support that we offer within our functional skills package

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