Address the EIF

Our apprenticeship eportfolio has an extensive assessment, teaching, observation, monitoring and delivery aspects which addresses the Education Inspection Framework for all training providers.

The platform was designed and created digitally by ourselves with the assistance of current quality managers, compliance mangers, data managers and educational advisors alongside current and successful apprentices to help bring their apprenticeship journey all under one area.  

We have listened to the user so that their journey can be captured and accessed using one platform from enrolment to gateway through to their End Point Assessment preparation. The platform enables any training provider to evidence 

  • the progress and development of every apprentice learning 
  • off the job training
  • skill, behaviour and knowledge development
  • lesson observations
  • any interaction from tutors
  • teaching sessions and live classroom delivery whether it is online or in the classroom
  • mentoring sessions
  • meetings
  • reviews