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EDLounge can be used within a vast range of areas from behaviour and inclusion for

  • Personalised Learning Pathways.
  • Short term provision
  • 6th day provision
  • Inclusion / isolation learning 
  • Off site delivery
  • School phobic
  • Virtual and live classroom
  • Live teaching support

Also, EDLounge is presently being used by as a school management platform and learning environment for a Multi Academy Trust where the desire is to bring everything under one room. This development has meant that EDLounge is now modular so that any Multi Academy Trust or school can use it in any of the above or the following areas depending upon the SLTs tagerts and needs:

  • Customisable Assessment Framework.
  • Virtual Learning Environment.
  • Catch up deliverly
  • Behaviour Tracker.
  • Behaviour Repair lessons, contenet, tools & Resources.
  • Mock / Practice Exams (Academic and Vocational).
  • Exam Creator & Tracker.
  • Diagnostic exams
  • Exclusion Avoidance Programme.
  • Structured Inclusion and Exclusion Resource Bank.
  • Live Attendance Data.
  • Bespoke CPD Management & Tracking Framework.
  • Integrated Child Protection & Well-Being CPD Courses.
  • Incident & Detention Tracking & Reporting.
  • Pupil Premium Management.
  • 360º Homework Platform to Set, Monitor, Mark, Assess and Report.
  • Revision sessions
  • A level catch up programme
  • Curriculum Builder, Including Alternative Curriculum Planning.
  • Social, Flipped & Blended Learning Resources.
  • Catch Up Learning Programmes.
  • Intervention Strategies.
  • Access to folders, emails and documents through a single sign on
  • Sharing files
  • Live presentations, assemblies and tutors
  • Transition Management Programmes.
  • Low Literacy & Numeracy Programmes.
  • A Resource Bank Of Maths, English, MFL, Science, IT, PSHE, PE, Computer Science, Alternative Curriculum, Geography and History Lessons.
  • Access To Academic & Vocational Qualifications.
  • Functional Skills For English & Maths.
  • Careers, Employability Skills and CV Writing Resources.
  • Structured Timetabling.
  • Ofsted Inspection Report Creator.
  • Secure Access To School Network Folders.
  • Rewards & House Points System.
  • Live Tracking For Lessons, Revision & Exam Sessions.
  • Subject Specific Quizzes & Puzzles.
  • Gamification.
  • Editable Content.
  • Teacher Cover Through Structured Lesson Plans.
  • Virtual Assemblies.
  • Web-based Parent Access For Monitoring & Assessment.
  • G & T Tracker.

Any of the following aspects can be added into your system so that you can have as much or as little usage of EDLounge that your establishment needs.

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