​What are Functional Skills?

What are Functional Skills?

Functional Skills are qualifications that have been developed by the UK Government as part of an initiative to improve literacy, numeracy and ICT skills in England.

There are Entry Levels 1-3, followed by Levels 1 and 2. 

Entry levels give learners the basics in Maths and English that you would use in everyday life.                                
Level 1 Functional Skills are equivalent to a GCSE Grade E-D (2-3)
Level 2 Functional Skills are equivalent to GCSE Grade C-A*(4-9)
With employers in mind, reformed English and maths qualifications have been designed to better equip individuals with the skills required to succeed in the workplace. Feedback from employers was taken on board by the Department for Education as part of their consultation on the proposed subject content. As part of this, they have introduced more of a focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar without dictionaries, using times tables and working with and without a calculator. These changes will empower learners to use English and maths more confidently in the workplace. 

How long do Functional Skills qualifications take to complete?
In respect of Functional Skills and Apprenticeships, you may (depending on your GSCE grades and prior learning) be expected to complete  Functional Skills maths and/or English qualifications alongside your apprenticeship, with these to be completed within the agreed timescale of your particular chosen apprenticeship.