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A unique whole school management and learning solution.


EDLounge was initailly created in 2009 to keep students within mainstream education. In 2015, it has been assisted by a few key Senior Leaders that have designed the system so that it is a is now a Whole School Management and Learning Solution for SLT and staff. It constantly evolves as word of mouth between SLT friends and colleagues who use it correctly spread the benefits of the platform. We aim to gauge a relationship with all our schools as we want you to use our platform and get all the benefits from being a partner with us.  We aim to make your lives easier with one solution all under one roof through the following areas:


  • Customisable Assessment Framework that is tailored for any school, trust or collaboration to correspond to learning pathways, revision pathways, catch up plans, baseline tests, or exams.
  • Customised to your needs.
  • Includes With or without levels, Master statements, Objective based or school statment based or much more.
  • Instant reports, graphs and comparison data.
  • Accessible on any device and parent friendly.
  • Ofsted and reports available instantly.


  • Behaviour Repair Tools & Resources.
  • Behaviour Tracker, Incident & Detention Tracking & Reporting. 
  • Exclusion Avoidance Programme.
  • Structured Inclusion and Exclusion Resource Bank.

Exams and Revision

  • Mock / Practice Exams for Core, Academic and Vocational subjects.
  • Exam Creator & Tracker.
  • Paper exam tracker
  • Revision preparation and technique work.
  • Timed revision session.


  • 360º Homework Platform to Set, Monitor, Mark, Assess and Report which can be assigned to individuals, groups or cohorts with differentiated homework plans.
  • Parental involvement.


We now offer a comprehnesive Curriculum Builder for learners within any of the foillowing areas:

  • Core
  • Vocational
  • Academic
  • Extra curricular
  • Revision
  • Exams
  • Homework
  • Personalised learning
  • Off site
  • Alternative Curriculum

Professional Development

  • Bespoke CPD Management & Tracking Framework.
  • Create own CPD for staff.
  • Integrated Child Protection & Well-Being CPD Courses.

Teaching and learning

  • Personalised Learning Pathways.
  • Social, Flipped & Blended Learning Resources.
  • Catch Up Learning Programmes.
  • Intervention Strategies.
  • Transition Management Programmes.
  • Low Literacy & Numeracy Programmes.
  • Pupil Premium Management.
  • Access for students 24/7 for personalised and independent learning.


  • Improve your academies attendance through becoming partners with EDLounge through your alternative curriculum by reducing exclusions and inclusion incidents.


  • A Resource Bank Of Maths, English, MFL, Science, IT, PSHE, PE, Computer Science, Alternative Curriculum, Geography and History Lessons.
  • Access To Academic & Vocational Qualifications plus content for  Functional Skills For English & Maths.
  • Careers, Employability Skills and CV Writing Resources.
  • Subject Specific Quizzes & Puzzles.
  • Teacher Cover Through Structured Lesson Plans.


  • A Virtual and acoountable Learning Environment For Off-site Provision.
  • Student Tutoring & Mentoring.
  • Safeguarding is paramount.
  • Structured Timetabling.

Data for SLT

  • Ofsted Inspection Report Creator.
  • Live Attendance Data.
  • Web-based Parent Access For Monitoring & Assessment.
  • Live Tracking For Lessons, Revision & Exam Sessions.
  • G & T Tracker.


  • School Email Network & Calendar Integration.
  • Secure Access To School Network Folders.
  • Text Messaging Service.
  • Rewards & House Points System.
  • Virtual Assemblies.

Community links

  • Adult and parent qualifications available.
  • English and Maths Functional skills content, lessons and direct links to actual online exams (with practice available).
  • Surveys and analysis. 

Please call us on 01909 568 338 to see this unique platform. We offer a free two week free trial and demo.