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Alternative Provision

The cost of sending a student to an oversubscribed Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) can be extensive, EDLounge works with units to help prevent the numbers and help schools work closely with families and aim to achieve the goals and progress with a student working from a different location. With the ability to see students idle time versus work time, to follow the schools learning cycle by key stage and by year is ideal.

EDLounge can be set up within minutes for any student on 6th-day provision without fuss. Find out More 

The system can be used prior to the Alternative Provision by offering:

  • Remote learning
  • Virtual learning
  • Offsite learning
  • Core, Academic and Vocational learning
  • Catch up learning
  • Transition
  • Whole school provision
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • Management platform
  • Assessment 
  • Homework
  • Revision
  • Exams

in a range of approaches within the use of EDLounge being used just for isolation, exclusion, 6th-day provision, detention and behaviour. Please View our Alternative Provision page


Identifying gaps in knowledge through our diagnostic and baseline assessment model

  • Can be bespoke and editable for any establishment
  • Can address any assessment approach
  • Supports individual progress
  • Uses a range of assessment tools to capture and record progress
  • Uses technology to track attainment and progress
  • Reporting is instant to staff, students and parents   To find out more please visit the assessment page


EDLounge Ltd works with schools to achieve the best outcome for all its learners. Our attainment covers a range of lessons leading to qualifications over a number of different areas:

  • GCSE's
  • Functional Skills
  • BTEC's (new generation)

More information regards attainment please visit the main page or please get in touch.  Contact Page

Increasing Attendance

Improving Whole School Attendance by meeting the needs of the school and individual students.
If you ask a school, Do you want to improve your attendance"? The answer will almost always be "YES" Working together with schools to increase their attendance through our virtual learning platform, if increasing your attendance is a priority we can certainly help, increasing your attendance can be done various ways with students with different issues. More available on our attendance page


The EDLounge platform helps across the board for behaviour, starting with students who are in isolation, doing focused learning based on the schools learning cycle of lessons, where all work is marked by our staff and students receive feedback. Students can also do work on in our behaviour repair work, with a range of lessons, covering swearing, assault on students and so much more. 
 Students who are excluded follow the same ethos except they are in a virtual classroom from home, following a timetable, they can see and speak with a tutor as they work. Covering E_safety mandatory, lessons, child protection, prevent and British values lessons. Students continue there timetabled lessons, all work is monitored, as well as "idle" time. Giving a comprehensive report for the students re-integration meeting. 

Find out more about our Behaviour lessons on our behaviour page.


Schools really don't want to exclude students, ideally, students need to be in school and learning. 

Unfortunately, sometimes schools need to exclude students, and this can be detrimental to the school and the student, schools don't want to lose attendance marks, they don't want the student to stop following the curriculum, with an important target for the young person to achieve the best grades to give them the best chance in the future. 

We can help with this, by quickly being able to put your young person on a seat with safeguarding tools to help them learn and have an increased protection while they are not on school premises. Please visit the Exclusion page for more information


An outstanding homework tool, you can set deadlines, monitor whose started and finished, however, our homework tool has something a little extra against most of the competition, teachers have access to our library of over 8500 lessons to support learning, our teachers will also mark the work and give students feedback. More information at homework page

Isolation Room

No need to run around school fetching work for students in lessons, or emailing all teachers requesting work to be done, and then there is death by worksheet, and a question as SLT is this worked or left on top of cupboards, and need to found by the teacher.... Or you could put EDlounge into isolation and follow curriculum-based learning in line with the schools learning cycle. You can keep track of working time by each learning individual throughout the day, as well as lessons completed, and even better this work is marked and the student is given feedback by our teachers easing the workload on your teachers. Find out more on the isolation page 

Mental Health 

Mental Health is hard and unpredictable, at EDLounge we pride ourselves on our knowledge of mental health and look at the best ways to help support students, and in turn support schools. EDlounge gives students the freedom to work and engage on their stronger days and allow students to have no pressure on those low days. Giving a totally flexible approach to learning. With a view of building strength, self-esteem and confidence in their education, taking steps to eventually returning to school no matter how short or how long this takes. Have a look at our stepping stones back to education on our mental health page. 



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