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Our School Management Platform can be cloud based or server based within your own environment and updates automatically through our securely managed data system and partnerships in and out of schools.  Alongside the virtual classroom, remote learning, behaviour resources, content, online teaching support, homework, revision and exams that EDLounge can offer we are unique because we were asked to create a platform where additional things enabled the management team and SLT to have everything in one place. These additional things within EDSimple are:


  • A direct link to the staffs files, home drives,SLT drives, department drives and studentshare folders 
  • Students also have access to their school folders, student share files and home folders
  • Access your classes to give grades, targets and mastery statements


  • Instant view students statements, strengths and weaknesses
  • This is tailor made to your schools assessment policies
  • Instant access to staff emails within and out side of school
  • Students also have access to their school email


  • Access your classes to give grades, targets and mastery statements
  • Instant view students statements, strengths and weaknesses
  • This is tailor made to your schools assessment policies  


  • A central log in to mark work, homework, quizzes, revision tasks and mock exams
  • All under one log in 
  • Have instant access to your SIMS registers and class lists
  • Report, track and log rewards, progress, assessment and behaviour

Staff CPD

  • Create and track your own staff CPD
  • Bespoke school specific CPD
  • Deliver a clear and structured pathway
  • Editable CPD for Senior leaders, departments or individuals
  • Have comprehensive tracking, marking and analysis for CPD  


  • Facility to add your own, others, school and many different calendars under one area  


  • Have instant access to your SIMS registers and class lists
  • Report, track and log rewards, progress, assessment and behaviour  

Subject area

  • Have a secure area for your department plans, assessment, policies and schemes  


  • Upload the assembly for form periods, homework and parents evenings
  • Assign tasks and homework for learners who have viewed an assembly to complete at a later time  


  • Staff can create presentations for groups, trips, extra curricular groups
  • Great tool for sixth form, target / focus groups, GCSE groups, catch up and transition extra study sessions 
  • Assign presentation material to students for extra work or for drop in work in the independent area of the platform  

Internal Notifications

  • A central area to communicate with staff through notifications and to message students and parents throughout the internal messagingsystem
  • Total transparency between messages and notifications  


  • Discuss and assign homework, assessment, analysis and extra curricular tasks for those students that are Gifted and Talented from extra curricular pages
  • Upload data, scores, performances, logs and twitter feeds direct for all those within these group  

Performance Reports

  • We will support you to accommodate the individual needs of students so that they can all achieve success  
  • The system allows you to track and view a student’s performance individually or comparing subject performance to milestones.
  • You can also access inspection ready reports with a touch of a button  
  • All our reports are instantly downloadable
  • They work on a RAG system or can be adapted to match any assessment system
  • Reports can be attained in groups or for the whole school
  • You can also compare against students in different cohorts  

Student Involvement 

  • Students give feedback upon their learning whether in class, isolation, off-site, re-intervention or in exclusion.
  • They can also take part in social, blended and group tasks  
  • Students constantly evaluate their performance, learning, knowledge and understanding in the topics and individual learning pathways sets
  • RAG systems, comments and graphical data are reported to parents, students, cohorts, teachers, managers, SLT and governors
  • Students can analyse their performance to master statements, topic objectives or assessment strands  

Parental Involvement

Our parents page allows guardians and parents to have a hands-on approach with unlimited online access that gives them the facility to view and monitor their child’s/children’s progress. Parents can track: 

  • Learning pathways, lessons, indepednent learning and completed or uncompleted work
  • The targets and objectives of a student’s pathway and their overall progress
  • Predicted, aspiration, overall and actual performance grades
  • Spikey profiles of the students learning
  • Attendance and session usage
  • Reports and assignments
  • Lesson answers and comments,
  • Coursework and homework submitted  
  • Homework set and marked

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