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Our Platform

EDSimple has been created with the help of the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust (Leeds) to produce a unique Whole School Management and Learning Solution. We have called it EDSimple because it is an EDucational School Improvement Management Platform and Learning Environment. It has been developed in association with learners, parents, teachers, exams officers, support staff, SLT, governors, headteachers and CEO to provide an innovative approach to assist all.  

Our Platform

With over 12,000 KS1-KS4 lessons in a range of subjects including English, maths and science, EDLounge works to remove barriers to learning and allow your learners to reach their full potential.

We aim to help your establishment in the following areas:


  • you can set up personalised and structured learning for each learner regardless of ability
  • you have access to our resource bank of Maths, English, MFL, Science, IT, PSHE, PE, Computer Science, Alternative Curriculum, Geography and History Lessons
  • you can set up cohorts for ability, SEN, target groups
  • you can allow a structured individual, multiple, offsite and timetabled approach
  • your learners can access virtual tutoring, mentoring and assistance
  • you can access our extensive tracking and monitoring
  • you can access and provide instant feedback

Literacy and Numeracy

  • use our 'Curriculum Builder'
  • set up social, flipped and blended learning for all
  • deliver catch-up programmes
  • set up intervention strategies
  • tackles transition issues
  • boost low literacy and numeracy attainment


  • learners can have access to tutors (via secure chat, and verbal communication and face-to-face) and mentoring
  • learners can be permitted access to our Virtual Classroom: EDCLass / EDVirtual / EDSuite
  • learners are set personalised learning programmes
  • learning is idividualised, structured and may be timetabled


  • academic Qualifications
  • vocational Qualifications
  • Functional Skills for English and maths learning content
  • Functional Skills practice exams
  • careers, employability skills and CV sections for all
  • assessment and assignment platform


  • inspection-ready reports
  • comprehensive and bespoke tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • academic, vocational and behavioural reporting
  • comparison charts, data and graphs


  • live tracking and attendance data
  • alert for attendance
  • parental reporting regarding attendance
  • 'B' attendance for academies through a legal partnership


  • 12,000+ editable content
  • personalised learning platform
  • KS1 – KS5 compatible
  • mapped to National Curriculum
  • aligned to GCSE Specifications
  • facilitates BTEC and Functional Skills
  • geared at both academic and vocational students
  • core, academic and vocational content

Our learning resource will help you meet the academic needs of all your students, particularly those with issues surrounding behaviour and attendance. Learning is supported when working on the system through interactive, multimedia-rich, e Learning content including:

  • multiple choice questions
  • drag and drop puzzles
  • word searches
  • word jumbles
  • jigsaws
  • literacy and numeracy puzzles
  • videos and podcasts
  • quizzes

Improve Behaviour

  • behaviour tracker
  • behaviour repair tools and resources
  • incident hotspot tracking and reporting

Detention / Isolation

  • structured inclusion and isolation resource bank
  • detention and incident tracker
  • behaviour repair tools and resources


  • mock / practice exams (academic and vocational)
  • exam preparation sessions
  • exams creator
  • exams tracker (paper and online formats compatible)
  • timed exams
  • baseline exams
  • live tracking for lessons and exam sessions

Inclusion / Exclusion

  • reduces exclusions
  • Exclusion Avoidance Programme

Alternative Curriculum

  • become your Alternative Provider
  • deliver an offsite provision
  • content mapped to core, academic and vocational curriculum
  • support 24/7
  • alternative curriculum planning


  • online and timed revision sessions
  • revision techniques
  • live tracking and monitoring for revision techniques
  • preparation methods and tools sessions

Staff CPD

  • staff CPD
  • bespoke CPD management and tracking framework
  • integrated Child Protection and Well-Being, CSE, Illegal Highs, Alcohol Awareness and Drug Awareness CPD Courses
  • bespoke school-specific CPD


  • homework platform to set, monitor, track, mark, assess and report

Assessment and Assessment without Levels

  • tailor your assessment per pupil, topic, cohort, target groups or across a whole school or Multi-Academy Trust
  • assessment without levels
  • age-related, master statements, comment-based, or target-based
  • incorporates targets, predicted and actual tracking and analysis software
  • reporting to parents, SLT and potential inspectors


  • rewards and House Points system 
  • department, teacher and whole-school rewards
  • create bespoke game-based learning sessions
  • gamification and fun for students

Gifted and Talented

  • G & T tracker
  • analysis, evaluation and differentiated learning sessions for G&T and extra-curricular students

In Addition, Our Platform...

  • is SIMs' technical partner
  • is single sign on
  • has Ofsted Inspection report creator
  • allows school email network and calendar integration
  • allows secure access to school network folders
  • is email compatible (internal and external emails)
  • allows internal notifications
  • allows staff notices (daily and weekly)
  • is linked to personal, school and department calendars
  • is accessible on any device anywhere

Also consider using our platform for...

  • cover resources
  • virtual assemblies
  • virtual presentations for post 16, adult learners or parents
  • an internal Text Messaging Service

More External Links

  • run parental literacy and numeracy programmes
  • offer Functional Skills to parents
  • offer a community learning link
  • give governors logins
  • present Multi Academy statistics across the trust per learner, years, age, cohorts, to predicted targets and grades  
  • offer post 16 / adult learning

All under one login to save money, workload and time.

Minimum Specifications Needed for Running EDLounge:

EDLounge is best viewed at a resolution above 1024 x 768

Main Dashboard and Lessons:

Browser: Chrome (recommended) Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge upwards

  • Windows: Intel Core Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor, 128mb RAM
  • Linux: Modern processor (800MHz or faster), 512MB of RAM, 128MB of graphics memory
  • Apple Macintosh: 2008 + Intel Mac

Gaming Area:

Chrome is highly recommended and 64 bit PCs, also works on Firefox, Safari.

Unity Installation

Many features of EDLounge require Unity Web Player to be installed. To download and install Unity Web Player, please click here to visit their website. You may need an IT technician to assist should this require administrative privileges on your computer.

Virtual Classrooms:

The virtual classrooms; Chrome is highly recommended and 64 bit PCs, also works on Safari.

SAFEGUARDING STORAGE for Virtual Classroom Schools

You will need an IT technician to assist.
A minimum of 4 TB storage area.
SFTP access for overnight backup.
Learners' data has to be saved for 7 years / LAC 75 Years.

EDLounge can supply and fit QNAP hardware -  price available on request.

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