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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

Info for Parents

With the EDLounge parent portal, parents of students learning through the platform can view their child's grades, targets and achievements.

Reports are easily accessible and allows parents to view their child's progress, strengthening communication between student, school and parent.

Parents can logged in from

This account allows parents to have a hands-on approach with unlimited online access that gives you the facility to see and monitor your child’s/children’s:

  • Learning pathways
  • Lessons, programmes, and independent aspects started, uncompleted or completed
  • Targets and objectives of the student’s pathway
  • Progress
  • Grades, aspiration grades, predicted, actual performance grades and overall grades
  • Reports
  • Answers/comments/work/coursework/homework submitted
  • Assignments
  • Help and comments requested
  • Emails, updates and notifications from teachers, assessors, verifiers, EDLounge, and the school
  • Attendance
  • Session usage
  • Support given

Your accounts are accessible online to help engage with the education and school life of their child. You can view your child's progress through a learning journey on EDLounge.

Parents can see understandable tables and charts showing progress, and a user friendly environment to help access key information sent by the school, plus any communication from the school can be sent through an internal emailing system - no need for a yahoo or gmail account.

How to create your Parent/Guardian Account:

  • Firstly, the school will have to create your child’s/children’s log in details (Username/Password) and have either given them to him/her on a card or a letter. You will also receive a letter with a code outlining what EDLounge is, why EDLounge is being used, the benefits, and what the logging in process is.
  • You must then complete the sign up process, log in, sign the declarations for safeguarding, health and safety, student working environments, supervision, child protection and data protection.

 We can then increase the number of ways for information to be shared between home, school and our provision.

Our reports

You will also receive:

  • A daily, weekly and monthly report automatically sent to your page
  • A morning and afternoon notification if a student is learning/not learning
  • A structured synopsis of what the child has done per session
  • Graphical data to show progress, tracking and development
  • Notifications via texts, emails, and internal emails to show the individuals progress and development
  • Newsletters
  • Access to our policies
  • Reports to show attendance
  • Detailed reports upon the internal support given from schools and from EDLounge for lessons when a child is in school or completing homework, coursework or independent work alongside what support was given for a child who is in either a target group to enhance learning and development, transition, inclusion, seclusion, or exclusion

Within the EDLounge software there is a individualised area just for parents / guardians. All the students progress, attendance, chat logs, lesson logs, classroom attainment, exam performance, behaviour log, key dates and any messages within the system. 

Parents can logged in from

Here is the parent page once they have logged in


Parents can also view the reports and progress made in the

  • classroom,
  • assessment aspects,
  • isolation,
  • excluded, 
  • at home,
  • homework, 
  • independent time,
  • out of school,
  • cover

Parents can also view the attendance and logs of their own sons / daughters / child here to. All tracking and reporting are instantly accessible and the grading and assessment can be release at a disignated time and date.

Parents can logged in from