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Improve Attendance

Regular attendance and participation in schooling is an important factor in educational and life success. Students who are regular non-attenders are at risk of alienation from education that can lead to decreased options for future learning pathways.

EDLounge provides a great tool for motivating and creating a positive learning system for students that may be non – attenders at academies for many reasons with the online live support.

Working with EDLounge you have the capacity to:

  • Reduce suspensions and exclusions, lower persistent absences and enhance learning whilst simultaneously enabling the students to have the opportunity to work independently.
  • Improve disengaged students' knowledge and understanding within a range of subjects in a relaxed and enjoyable environment through interactive learning approaches.
  • Increase behaviour, motivation and attendance whilst promoting fun learning.
  • Enable teaching staff to track, monitor and view graphical data of student's progress in English, Maths and Science and other subjects.
  • EDLounge students can also receive ATTENDANCE grades whilst completing lessons with live online support – the platform tracks idle time online and time in learning.

Your organisation can use the virtual classroom and support within EDLounge to gain attendance through creating individualised programmes and learning pathways for students to follow which can match your specific schemes of work and units of study.

We work in partnership with academies and educational establishments to ensure comprehensive levels of safeguarding, well-being, supervision, monitoring, and tracking of attendance, grades and progress for groups and individuals.

For more information about how EDLounge through EDClass, EDClass + and EDVirtual can help your  raise attendance, reduce exclusions and improve whole school call 01909 568 338, or email


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