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Here is a list of our History content which is available for any student to use.

  • Alexander The Great
  • Before The Battle of Hastings
  • Causes of WWI
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Claims to the throne - 3 Men one Crown.
  • Countries involved before World War One began.
  • Did Emily Davison intend to kill herself?
  • Elizabeth - How successfully did this Monarch tackle the problems of her reign
  • Feudal System
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • Henry VIII
  • How did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?
  • How did Hitler become leader of the Nazis
  • How did Hitler gain power?
  • How did Hitler keep control when he became dictator
  • How did King William secure control of England?
  • How Did Rome Begin?
  • How Did The Roman Empire Expand?
  • How does evidence help us to learn about the past?
  • How is a Gladiator Like a Footballer?
  • How Rome Began - Facts, Opinions and Evidence
  • How was Hitler able to become dictator?
  • Introducing Shakespeare
  • Life in the trenches
  • Roman Religion.
  • Suffragettes and Suffragists
  • The Battle of Hastings 1066
  • The Cat and Mouse Act
  • The Munich Putsch
  • The Recruitment of soldiers
  • The Reformation
  • The Spanish Armada 1588
  • Vietnam War Causes
  • Was the Weimar Republic ever a success?
  • What does Roman architecture teach us about Roman knowledge?
  • What happened in Pompeii?
  • What have the Romans done for us?
  • What makes a good Medieval Monarch, and what challenges did they face?
  • What problems did the Weimar Republic face?
  • What was family life like for Romans?
  • Why did Mary, Queen of Scots pose such a big problem to Elizabeth I
  • Why did the Suffragettes stop their campaign for the vote?
  • Why did women get the vote in 1918 and not before?
  • Why had the Nazis failed to get into power by 1928?
  • Why Was Europe Such a Hostile place in 1914
  • Why was the Roman army successful?
  • World War II
  • WWI Technology

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