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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

Employability Skills

Coming SoonWithin this Employability Skill sector of EDLounge we offer evey piece of advice, tip, resources and lessons to prepare yourself and learners for employability.  The topics we cover are:

  • Volunteering                                                                   
  • Career advice
  • Managing Your Own Money                                                     
  • Searching for a Job                                                                   
  • Applying for a Job                                                                      
  • Preparing for an Interview             
  • CV Work
  • Creating and Preparing a CV
  • Creating a personal statement
  • Covering Letter
  • Interview Skills
  • Your hobbies and interests                                                                        
  • Self management Skills                                                             
  • Self assessment                                                                          
  • Communicating Skills
  • Giving Solutions to Others  
  • First impressions
  • Effectiveness at Work                                                                
  • Working in a Team                                                                    
  • Building Working Relationships with Colleagues                               
  • Building Working Relationships with Customers            
  • Dealing with customers
  • Customer service                  
  • Meeting Targets at Work                                  
  • Solving Work related problems                                                
  • Contributing to Meetings                                                          
  • Preparing for Work Placement                                                
  • Learning from Work Placement  
  • Types of work