Cyber Security Technologist

Standard Number:ST1021
Qualification Level:4
Course Duration:24 months + EPA
Qualification Achieved:RITTech Level 4
Apprenticeship Category:     Digital


Job Role

Cyber Security Technologists all require an understanding of security concepts and techniques and how to mitigate risks arising from threats.

The specific tasks undertaken vary depending upon what needs to be achieved by the team at any particular time. Some tasks may be very technical, others may be more analytical, business or user-focused.

All roles in this occupation work to achieve required cyber security outcomes in a legal and regulatory context in all parts of the economy. They develop and apply practical knowledge of information security to deliver solutions that fulfil an organisation’s requirements.

The job role may carry the titles:
Cyber Operations Manager, Cyber Risk Analyst, Intelligence Researcher, Security Analyst, Security Architect.


Apprentices without Level 2 English and Maths will need to achieve this level prior to taking the End-Point Assessment. For those with an education, health and care plan or a legacy statement, the apprenticeship’s English and Maths minimum requirement is Entry Level 3.

A British Sign Language (BSL) qualication is an alternative to the English qualification for those whose primary language is BSL.


Duty 1:

Identify cyber vulnerabilities in a system to ensure security is maintained
Duty 2:

Identify security threats and hazards to a system, service or process to inform risk assessments and design of security features
Duty 3:

Research and investigate attack techniques and recommend ways to defend against them
Duty 4:

Support cyber security risk assessments, cyber security audits and cyber security incident management
Duty 5:

Develop security designs with design justification to meet the defined cyber security parameters
Duty 6:

Configure, deploy and use a computer, digital network and cyber security technology
Duty 7:

Develop programme code or scripts for a computer or other digital technology for example an industrial control system
Duty 8:

Write reports, give verbal reports and presentations in the context of the cyber security role
Duty 9:

Manage cyber security operations processes in accordance with organisational policies, standards and business requirements
Duty 10:  

Participate in cyber wargaming and simulations (technical & non-technical) for example to better understand cyber-attack and defence, rehearse responses, test and evaluate cyber security techniques
Duty 11:  

Keep up to date with industry trends and developments to enhance relevant skills and take responsibility for your own professional development
Duty 12:   Work from a given design requirement to design, build and test digital networks
Duty 13:   Analyse security requirements and develop a security case taking account of all applicable laws and regulations
Duty 14:   Implement structured and reasoned security controls in a digital system in accordance with a security case
Duty 15:   Conduct cyber security risk assessments
Duty 16:   Conduct cyber security audits
Duty 17:   Manage local response to non-major cyber security incidents
Duty 18:   Monitor technology systems (for example computer networks and computer systems) in real-time to detect cyber security incidents, breaches and intrusions
Duty 19:   Integrate and correlate information from a variety of sources and form an informed judgement on whether an indicator constitutes a likely security incident, breach or intrusion
Duty 20:   Respond to a suspected security incident, breach or intrusion in accordance with organizational procedures and any defined service level agreements or performance targets
Duty 21:   Develop information security policies to achieve security outcomes within a defined scope
Duty 22:   Prevent security breaches using a variety of tools, techniques and processes
Duty 23:   Design and implement security awareness campaigns

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