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Wild Card

Higher or lower and choose your colour. Test your probability skills in this prediction card game. Your challenge is to successfully predict what type of card (higher or lower, red or black) is going to come next.

Rolling Rolling

Lets shake, rattle and roll! It's time to see just how good your probability skills are. Your aim is to correctly predict the outcome of your dice rolls. Try and get as many right in a row to increase your score multiplier and to become a rolling rolling ace.

Spelling Bee

In this game you are a bee. You are not just any bee, you're a spelling bee. You collect pollen from the spelling sunflower. As a worker bee you need to avoid misspelt sunflowers and collect the pollen from the correctly spelt ones. This is important as you don't want pollen that is going to make substandard honey. The better the pollen, the yummier the honey.

Word Comic

Test your English skills in this interactive comic book game. In this particular comic the words for the pictures are all spelt wrong. As the editor, your job is to select the right spellings for the corresponding pictures.

Add It Up 

Test your mental agility with this fast paced adding game. Create number chains to reach a target score as quickly as possible. 

Food Factory

Welcome to the Food Factory; the first factory of its kind to use artificial intelligence. We take pride in making the finest cuisine in the land. Unfortunately the machines have a tendency to break. As our new employee you need to make sure ingredients go in the cooker and broken machine parts go in the furnace. No one wants a rivet burger after all! 


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