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Our Policies

Assessment on EDLounge takes place at the end of each module in a pathway of learning. 

Any student, individual or employee can enrol onto the system.

The learning and assessment procedure is unique on EDLounge and it is specially designed based on predetermined learning objectives, to include lessons (individual, independent tasks; knowledge and understanding lessons and evaluation lessons) which match certain criteria in every aspect. 

This pathway enables each student to address criteria to ascertain their level of knowledge and their skills in performing specific tasks in the subject matter.  Once they have gathered enough information, knowledge and understanding, then they are ready to download the brief and start their coursework.


Basis for Appeal 

For fairness and to accommodate differing points of view, the EDLounge and EDQuals system allows learners to appeal against any assessment result, should they feel that the assessment was not conducted properly, accurately, fairly or conclusively. Some of the reasons for appeal may be: 

 Assessments not structured according to the specific learning framework of the subject matter and skills involved

 The evaluation framework for the assessment was not explicit nor made known to the learner before each assessment (in case of verbal questions, request for demonstration or presentation etc.) 

 Assessors misunderstood, omitted or failed to observe specific answers or point(s) of reference; emphasis or contents of work presented; skills or techniques employed etc. 

 Assessor did not follow the requirements of the evaluation frameworks

 Evaluation was biased, unfair, incomplete, inaccurate etc. 

 Assignment completed late due to certain valid reason


For assessments, EDLounge aims:

 to enable the learner to enquire about, question or appeal against an assessment decision

 to attempt to reach agreement between the learner and the assessor at the earliest opportunity

 to standardise assessments and record any appeals to ensure openness and fairness

 to facilitate a learner’s ultimate right of appeal to the awarding body where appropriate

 to protect the interests of all learners and the integrity of the qualification


In order to do this, the centre will:

 flag up all issues and appeals in a central area

 inform the learner at induction, of the EDLounge Appeals Policy and procedure

 record, track and validate any appeal

 forward the appeal to the awarding body when a learner considers that a decision continues to disadvantage her/him after the internal appeals process has been exhausted

 keep records of appeals for inspection by the awarding body for a minimum of 18 months

 have a staged appeals procedure

 take appropriate action to protect the interests of other learners and the integrity of the qualification, when the outcome of an appeal questions the validity of other results

 monitor appeals to inform quality improvement


Appeal Procedure 

Appeal steps and procedures are as follows: 

1)  The learner shall, upon receipt of his/her assessment results, inform EDLounge at and the Examination Board of his/her intention to appeal against the results of assessment immediately, and within 7 working days from the release of results. 

2)  The appeal shall be made online stating the reason(s) for appeal together with any supporting documents. 

Within this period an independent EV will give judgement and advice to both parties. The comments and situation will continue to be tracked through the whole procedure.

3)  Upon receipt of the appeal, the assessor shall be notified of the appeal and be asked to consider the reason(s) or opinion(s) of the learner/trainee. The EV, support team, assessor and IV will meet to discuss issues. All minutes and discussions will be completed within the system.

4)  The support team shall write within 7 working days to inform the Examination Board of any findings and decision to adjust the assessment results, if any. Otherwise, the support team and assessor shall confirm maintaining his/her original assessment result. 

5)  The Examination Board will, upon receipt of the assessor’s reply, decide if further action should be taken. A different assessor may be appointed to re-assess the work. 

6)  The Examination Board shall decide on the appeal within 3 weeks of the receipt of the appeal document. 

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months by the Quality Nominee.


EDLounge Appeals Procedure

The following sets out the appeals procedure for EDLounge Ltd.  This procedure covers the process for raising appeals against an academic decision that has been made.  Should a learner feel that proper process has not been followed or that the academic decision was not made in accordance with the regulations of the programme of learning then they may appeal to the IQA via one of the following methods:

Call: 01909 568 338                        


Examples of areas where an appeal may be raised are as follows:

  • If the learner believes that EDlounge has not applied our procedures consistently or that procedures were not followed properly, consistently and fairly;
  • If the learner is not satisfied with the conduct of the assessment and believed it disadvantaged them; and
  • If the learner feels that the premises/environment for assessment has disadvantaged them.

(Should a learner wish to appeal against a decision made after a complaint has been investigated then please refer to our Complaints Procedure).

When you contact us, please give us your full name, contact details, and include a daytime telephone number along with:

  • A full description of your appeal (including the subject matter and dates and times if known);
  • Any names of the people you have dealt with so far;
  • Copies of any papers or letters to do with the appeal; and
  • Any other factors for consideration such as any extenuating circumstances that the learner either did not address at the time or believes that were raised but were not taken into consideration when the decision was made.

Appeals will be investigated and a review panel may be formed in order to reach a decision.  We aim to investigate and respond to appeals within 15 Working Days.

This will be the final route of escalation within our company.  Therefore, if you remain unhappy after following our own internal appeals procedure then please contact the Awarding Organisation directly.  The Awarding Organisations we work with are City and Guilds, AQA, Pearsons, NCFE, NOCN, OCN NI, Active IQ and Edexcel.

Should you address your appeal to any of the above awarding bodies and remain unhappy with the outcome you may then raise your appeal to the relevant qualification regulator.  Either a representative of EDLounge Ltd or awarding bodies will be able to offer you guidance on the appropriate qualification regulator in each instance and provide contact details.

If you have any queries about the contents of this policy, please contact the IQA directly on 01909 568 338 or email

Created: Jan 2018
Last reviewed: Jan 2019
Next review: Jan 2020


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