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A unique whole school management and learning solution.

About EDVille

When students undertake the lessons that have been specifically constructed in their Learning Pathway, they will earn virtual "EDDollars". Students must complete these lessons in order to use the game. There are over 7,000+ KS2, KS3 and KS4 lessons to complete in the form of interactive, multimedia rich e-learning content.

Once the student has completed a suitable amount of lessons, the student can go “to work” in EDVille. This is where each student automatically becomes the Mayor of EDVille, making managerial decisions to build enterprises to turn their small island into a village, then city, and eventually into an empire.  The student will have to invest the virtual money they have earned in their businesses to generate more revenue, custom and increase their village's population. As the student’s enterprises and city earns revenue, the student will be rewarded with even more virtual money (EDDollars). By completing independent tasks, pupils will be able to unlock hidden gems, games and applications to motivate them to continue learning. 

Students must complete lessons, tasks, puzzles and quizzes at a level above their target levels in order to help the system track three levels of progress. If they do not achieve this, they do not earn any rewards, money or energy.

Money and energy generated by learning and progress can be spent improving the lounge, lifestyle, garden or city. This can be timed so that certain elements are turned on/off during school/learning hours. Their work and play experience is all dependent upon how they have performed in each lesson, alongside the time that they have dedicated to learning the core subjects and/or the vocational qualification areas.

Completing lessons in the independent section of the resource will allow pupils to unlock assets, credits and certificates in the game. The students cannot simply play the game without spending time in the learning sections. This system is unique in the way it simultaneously teaches students about careers, income, outgoings, tax, ethics, life skills, trade and communication. Furthermore, it promotes the fact that the harder you work, the greater the rewards. The game is thus set up to reward those who attempt and persevere, rather than just giving in. 

(Any aspect of the game, edville, edlounge or avatar can be turned on or off)