Learner Feedback

Instead of EDLounge stating how well it supports learning, just see what our adult learners say!

The comments below are from adult learners on the security (SIA), Personal Development (PSD), Construction (CSCS) and Road Passenger Vehicle Driving (RPVD) courses during 2019-2020.

  • “The course was very good and easy to understand and I felt safe and supported by my tutor”
  • "Our tutor was very supportive and encouraging. He had lots of advice about CVs, interview questions and where to look for jobs"
  • "i have gained and benefit from more knowledge. This helps me in my place of work and helps me to put my knowledge in practice"
  • "The support from my tutor and the group gave me confidence"
  • "It was a very enjoyable course and i felt totally supported and motivated throughout"
  • “A really good and enjoyable course”
  • “A friendly group and tutor”
  • “Very helpful”
  • “Enjoyed all of it”
  • “Enjoyed role play activities”
  • "Enjoy working in a group” 
  • “The course was very good and easy to understand and I felt safe and supported by my tutor”
  • “The course is very helpful and informative learning various things about safety, which I never knew before"
  • “This course was really good. The tutor was a good help and very refreshing”

Overall learner feedback from our online surveys found that: 

  • 100% of learners surveyed on the the Diploma in Progression Level 1 and Certificate in Skills for Construction CSCS courses, rated the quality of training as excellent.
  • 100% of learners surveyed on the personal development course delivered between January and February 2020 said they enjoyed their learning.
  • 100% of learners surveyed between January and March 2020 on the personal development course stated that they always receive support from their tutor.
  • 100% of learners surveyed surveyed between February and March 2020 said they would recommend the course and EDLounge to others. 
  • 100% of learners surveyed during January and February 2020 stated they always felt safe and supported.
  • 100% of learners surveyed rated the overall quality of security (SIA) and personal development courses as 5 out of 5. 

EDLounge places a high priority on providing an excellent learning experience for all its learners. It is an important to listen closely the views our learners, staff, partners and associates. We use the feedback to further develop our teaching and learning, along with our products and services. This also supports our overall commitment to continuous improvement and striving for excellence.